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With the Izuko App you as a customer benefit from a user-friendly and innovative app with which you can search,book and pay for public transport and on-demand transportation.

In order to provide you with a convenient search function in the Izuko App, the approval of the location is advantageous, but not mandatory.

Even without registration, the Izuko App can be used in its entirety as a route planner for your journey by public transport. However, in order to be able to book public transport or POI tickets or any other vehicles on a binding basis,it is necessary to register with us.

With the Izuko App there is a simple registration without password per e-mail or alternatively with your Facebook or Google account. Once registered, it is very easy to use. Please operate according to the screen after startup.

There is no restriction on available E-mail address. Please use the smartphone's E-mail application to receive email (iOS email application or Gmail application). In addition, please set your smartphone so that you could receive E-mail from "" domain.

We will use the e-mail sent to the e-mail address you registered in order to set up your login information. Once you login, your login information will be linked to the device you are using, so you only have to open your app from the next time you will want to login.

After logging in, you can register your profile information and payment information. The use of on-demand transportation requires registration of profile information. Credit card registration is required in payment information to purchase tickets. All procedures can be done within the app.

Of course you can. Simply call us(0120-76-9667)and tell us the new email address.

Yes, you can do this conveniently in the app by tapping on “Personal Data” and “Edit”.

The use of your profile is limited to one terminal device. The tickets are also personal and cannot be transferred. If you want to use another device, you can register there via your email address and will be logged off on the previous device

Too bad. In this case please contact the call center(0120-76-9667).

The data entered by you will be stored by us and used in the context of the mediation of the services offered by us. In addition, our partner service only receives the data required to process the booked service.

You may purchase two kinds of "free pass" (digital free pass) which you may ride on the railroad and bus in Izu area for two days and admission ticket (digital pass) of 7 types 6 tourist facilities. The purchased ticket can be used by displaying it on the screen of the smartphone and presenting it to the attendants and crew. All tickets are available immediately after purchase.(※Purchases will be made by credit card. It is necessary to register payment information beforehand).

 Please note that tickets are always immediately valid after booking. It is possible to search for connections in the future, but as soon as you confirm the purchase, you will receive a valid ticket.

In the Izuko app you can purchase up to 5 tickets for adults and additional number of 5 tickets for children. Please select the amount of passengers in the vending machine. Also, you may purchase as many times as you like during the service period.

You may check the valid ticket from the “Active Bookings” or ticket button on the bottom right of the map screen,When using the ticket on a railway, bus or tourist facility, show purchased tickets to the attendants / crew.

Please try again where the radio wave is stable , display the purchased tickets on the screen, and show it to the attendants / crew.

Since the ticket can only be displayed on a smartphone, you must ensure that the battery is charged before making sure that the battery is charged before making the booking and starting the journey. It must be ensured that the ticket can be displayed during the journey.

You can use purchased tickets by re-installing the app and logging in with the same email address or SNS account.

You do not need to print out the ticket. All you have to do is show the purchased ticket on the screen of the app and show it to the attendants / crew.

There is a separate tab in the app showing you all POIs in the Izu region. Thus, you will also see bicycle and car symbols on the map which stand for the rental bike and rental car locations. If you select one of these, you will be directed to the mobile site of the respective provider and can book your ride there.

The saved menu will appear when tapping the “…”mark on the right of the destination shown when searching your trip or the search history. You can also tap on the “☆favorites” and register the destinations to your “Favorites List”.

The app locates your location. All you have to do is enter your desired destination and choose the connection that suits you best from the suggested connections. When the trip you chose is within the Free Pass area, you can tap on the “Buy ticket” button with the price listed on it. When you tap the button, you will be taken to the ticket selection page where you can adjust the ticket type. Immediately after purchase, you will receive your ticket directly in the app.( You must register your payment information beforehand.)

You may purchase your Free Pass from the day you will use it. You may use the ticket from the first train of the purchase date to the last train and bus of the next day. You may only use the Free pass for two consecutive days. We do not support reservations and purchases up to the day before use.

If you are taking a route not included in the free pass area, please purchase a ticket for going/returning the route to Ito station or Mishima station which is the starting point of the free pass area. Also, if the ticket for the train or bus purchased already overlaps with the free pass valid area, refund the ticket at the window of the transportation agency where the ticket was purchased, and buy the ticket until the free pass valid period. In this case, please note that there may be a separate refund fee for each transportation.

When taking a train, please go out of the ticket gate of Ito station or Mishima station once, and purchase a ticket from Ito station or Mishima station to the destination. We suggest you to purchase a return ticket to Ito station or Mishima station which is within the Free Pass area beforehand. When taking a bus, please pay the excess fare.

You will need an express ticket in addition to the Free Pass(※). Also, if you get to the station beyond the Ito Station / Mishima Station by the limited express “Oridoko”, please purchase a ticket to Ito Station or Mishima Station consisting of the station. If you are using a reserved seat, please purchase a reserved seat in addition to the limited express ticket.(※)If you travel only from Mishima Station to Shuzenji Station, you can ride the free seat of the limited express "Odorikogo" with a free pass.

Between Kawazu and Shuzenji is a one-way ride section. Please pay the usual fare if you go back in the opposite direction after boarding.

Free Passes purchased in the app are non-refundable.

In tourist facilities listed in the app, there are facilities that can receive preferential treatment by presenting free passes of trains and buses, and facilities that can purchase advantageous tickets in the app.
・Please refer to here for facilities that offer free passes and receive special treatment.
・Please refer to here for facilities that tickets can be purchased in the app.
As discount contents and conditions vary according to facility, please confirm beforehand.

Discounts apply to all companions of free pass customers. Also, during the free pass period (2 days), you can use it any time during the opening hours of the facility. It cannot be used together with other discount tickets.

Please select the POI icon  on the bottom right of the map. Next, search the POI you want to go and tap it. Tap the arrow in the bottom right, and you may check the detail of the POI. After you choosing the ticket to use, go back to the app and tap the “buy” button and purchase the ticket with cheaper price than usual (Tickets available in the app: 6 facilities and 7 types).
*You must register your credit card information in order to purchase the ticket.

Tickets purchased in the app are non-refundable. However, if the purchased facility ticket is not available on a regular holiday or temporary holiday, please contact the call center (0120-76-9667).

Yes, you may purchase tickets for tourist facilities even if you don’t have a Free Pass.

To book a trip with an on-demand transportation, please select the “Where to go” field on the app’s homepage in the on-demand tab.  Then you can enter the start and destination(address, station, city…)as well as the number of people. Please activate your positioning services to determine your starting point so that your location can be located. After successful booking you will see everything important for your booking under “Active bookings”, e.g. the information when your vehicle arrives.

There are 16 places for pick up & drop off location. (Shimoda city limited)
 For details, please see the map.
You will see a sign on the pick up & drop off location . Please find the sign and wait for the arrival.

Up to 4 people in one reservation could get on the vehicle.

If you selected the number of person of reservation including the companion, you may ride with your companion. However, if you did not include your companion when reserving, please refrain from adding the person of reservation.

You may not use the on-demand transportation without reserving. Please make sure you book the vehicle before using it.

Because we are allocating by the reservation order and deciding the route, it may pass in case the arrival is before the time of reservation. Please wait until the reservation time.

There is no limit to the number of bookings. You can ride any time by making a reservation again.

Operation time is from 10:00 to 17:10, and during this time you can reserve it freely (Reservation time will be from 10:00 to 17:00). The service schedule will be closed all day from April 29 to May 5 and from May 17 to 19. We usually operate on other weekends and holidays. In addition, if it is judged that the customer's safety can not be secured due to bad weather, it will be suspended.

You may get on the vehicle only with a helper accompanying you. Please make sure to book for the helper from the application. The driver may not help you with getting on/off the vehicle due to assistant qualification.

Yes, you may. Strollers can be loaded if space is available in the vehicle.

Yes, you may. Large luggage can be loaded if space is available in the vehicle.

Pay for your bookings in the app conveniently via a standard credit card(Visa, Master Card, Amex, JCB, Diners, Discover). Simply enter these in the Izuko App under “Payment data”. It is also possible to store several payment profiles in one account.

Immediately after purchasing a ticket via the Izuko App, you will receive an e-mail with the respective invoice(per booking) in PDF format. You can also enter a billing address in the app.

After you have found your desired connection in the app via the search mask, an overview appears where you can select the desired payment method under “Payment data”. As soon as the booking has been confirmed, a change is no longer possible.

You can easily recreate the payment method yourself by tapping on “Payment method” and “Edit”.

Yes, it is possible to create several profiles with the same payment method.

Unfortunately, payment by invoice is not possible.

Please contact the call center (0120-76-9667). We will reset your PIN number.

If you have an open question, please call the below:
■Izuko call center
 free dial    0120-76-9667
 business hour 10:00~17:00

latest update:May.15.2019